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-* Name; jazz lomasi
-* Age; 16 goin' on 17
-*Sex; haven't had it... but i'm a female if you're lookin' to.
-*Sexuality; bi.
-*Future Occupation; english teacher or author. or both ^_^
-*Code; down ho!

-*Bands/Artists; (from years) beatles, queen, judas priest, ac/dc, metallica, brand new, dashboard, blink 182, lacuna coil, vanessa carlton, avril, 3 doors down, deep purple... and ashlee simpson
-*Movies; moulin rouge,chicago, ten things i hate about you, the village, the lord of the rings movies, saved <3!!!, rocky horror picture show, and soontobe boots and lace ^_^
-*Actors; mcauly culkin, anne hathaway, matt damon, johnny depp, matt la blank, the girl who played willow on buffy, sarah michelle gellar, the guy who played spike and the guy who played xander, richard gere, julia stiles and julia roberts and lindsay lohan.
-*Books; lord of the rings, harry potter, dead girls don't write letters, playing in traffic, encylopedias, anything by dan brown (da vinci code etc.) and stephen king.
-*T.V Shows; FRIENDS, buffy, gilmore girls, arrested development, trading spouses, amazing race, the mole....
-*Food; meat, fondue, cheese, bread, cheesecake, pizza, fish, french fries, chocalate and whole milk.
-*Color; black, and pink and white (even though it's the absence of color)
-*Sport/Interest; no sports. i hate sports.


-*Abortion; it's right under certain circumstances. i think that if you're raped by a family member or a victim of incest, then it's acceptable. but if you just have sex with your boyfriend and dont use protection, then that isn't a government responsibility. and also, rape in general is horrible and i think abortion should be used with caution there, but incest can be fatal to the child. in the mid 17-1800's there were tons of cases of hemophilia and other blood-related diseases that caused issues because if incest. to sum it up, i'm pro choice.
-*Religion; i think that if it helps people find a purpose, then it's great. i don't appreciate people that don't like me bcause i'm wiccan/catholic and judge me based on stereotypes. i don't appreciate that people go to war using religion as an excuse. i don't appreciate that people use religion as a crutch and refuse to get other help for people that are dying because of their faith. i don't apppreciate people who don't understand their religion and try to argue with their ignorance. all in all, it has it's ups and downs, and i have a religion.
-*Death Penalty; oo.. i don't like that. it kills thousands of innocent people because there are issuses with the system, but unfortunately, it's nessecary. america simply doesn't have enough facilities for all the criminals. maybe there will be a way in the future. but right now, i see it as a nessescary evil that i don't support.
-*Gay Marriage; YAY GAY MARRIAGE!!! okay, gays are people too. they don't go all crazy about strights getting married. the religious zealots who go all crazy about it are in violation of separation of church and state, and that argument should be thrown out. yeah, it says gays are sinners in the bible, but it also says that you shouldn't gaze upon a menstrauting woman and taht seafood is also a sin punishable by disembowlment. and, well, gays are people too. i believe taht love is love and any kind of love is right. granting civil unions is a step, but it's not good enough. if a homosexual is dying, and needs perscription medication, their life partner can't sign for it--they'd have to get a family member down there, and if there isn't one, then oh well too bad. it's also a state right, so the states should just let people vote on it. i'm totally pro gay marriage.
-*Suicide; oo. i was there once. i think that it's a permanent solution to a temperary problem. things do eventually get better, and you hurt more people than yourself even if you don't think it will. it's notthe answer. get help. i'm not juding you, but talk to someone about it.
-*Eating Disorders; my friend was anorexic. she was hospitalized and it was so horrible for everyone around her. eating disorders are hurtful and unhealty. i understand that some people feel over-weight or just not pretty, but if that's true take initiative ad go to the gym. get help. i'm not judging you, but talk to someone about it.
-*Self Injury; i think it's a way to cope. talking is a much better way to cope, though. talk with a theripist, a teacher, a stranger, a friend. write letters to yourself. get the feelings out. keep sharp objects away from you. it's an addciton and y9u can save yourself. i cut at one time...and i'm good now. i got help. i'm not judging you, but talk to someone about it.


-*Descirbe yourself in a few words; sense of humor, deep, emotional, intelligent, friendly, sarcastic, and outgoing
-*What do you look for in a friend; people with similar personalities to mine, with similar views and people i "click" with.
-*Dreams you have;not a ton. i don't remember. but i want to be an author and that's my dream.


-*Anything random about yourself you want to add ? i like mooses.
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