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you.. nOt your body.

i n N e r . b 3 a u t y
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Rules For Applicants

[x] Do not be under the age of 12. Don't like to sound rude about it, but it's self explanatory.
[x] After joining you will have three days to post your application.
[x] After posting your application, members will have two days to vote.
[x] All applications must be posted behind a livejournal cut, or they will be deleted.
[x] Do not vote on anybody else's application, or post any other entries until you are stamped.
[x] Do not be rude to any of the mods, or stamped members.
[x] If a stamped member replies to your application with a "explain to me," that means they are undecided about your application, so answer any question they ask you. If you don't, their vote will count as a no.
[x] Your allowed to add pictures if you want.
[x] In the application, when it reads "drop", answer with "down ho !." This is just so we know you read the rules
[x] Make your application easy to read. Bold the questions, use color, anything. Just don't make it tacky.
[x] Please dont delete your application. You have 2 more trys to get in.
[x] If you are accepted, we will stamp you, you may not post until you are stamped.
[x] If you disable comments to you application, we will delete it.
[x] Dont change your answer. You are aloowed to go back and make it bold but no changing of the answers
[x] Don't make another username to reapply with. we'll find out either way.
[x] For the love of god, please use an LJ-cut! If you dont know how, please ask.

- - - - - - - -

Rules For Stamped Members

[x] Vote! We didn't accept you just so you could take up space.
[x] When voting, explain your reasoning. Don't just say yes, or no. Tell them why you don't like them.
[x] You may be harsh about your voting. But there's no need to be an asshole. Don't tell them they are "A waste of life".
[x] If you are going to post an entry, please have the subject state that you are a Stamped member.
[x] If you are going on vacation, sick, going to be busy for an extended period of time, post that you'll be gone so that we won't figure you lost interest and kick you out.
[x] Feel free to show pictures of your dog, cat, etc. The purpose of the community is to be accepted for who you are. Keep it that way.
[x] If posting pictures or long entries. Use the LJ-Cut.
[x] I will allow promoting communities. Any other community under the sun is welcome.
[x] Participating in themes is completely optional.
[x] Please, if you are quitting the community, post an entry telling us so. We won't take it personally, but it'd be 10 times easier, and we won't have to wait to take you off the accepted list.

- - - - - - - - - -


[x] Be creative! We don't need 100 people with the same answers. It sucks the fun right out of this.
[x] Explain your answers! If you just say "yes" or "no", it doesn't really show us who you are.
[x] Don't take the rejections too seriously. Many voters could give you some feedback. Telling you "you didn't elaborate", or "you weren't clear on your answers." Use that to fix up your application and reapply! You could be accepted the next time!

- - - - - - - -


[x] Please dont back-sass the members who voted bad on you.
[x] Feel free to reapply in 3 days.
[x] You can only reapply twice. If you are rejected all three times, leave quietly. Don't make a scene.
[x] If you are rejected, and you stick around, you're not wanted. We will find you, and ban you.

- - - - - - - -


Tell us some ideas you have for a theme.

- - - - - - - -


-* Name;
-* Age;
-*Future Occupation;

-*T.V Shows;


-*Death Penalty;
-*Gay Marriage;
-*Eating Disorders;
-*Self Injury;
-*George Bush;


-*Descirbe yourself in a few words;
-*What do you look for in a friend;
-*Dreams you have;


-*Anything random about yourself you want to add ?;

- - - - - - - -


Brittany.* -- ov3rat3d_kiss
Email : x3piinklovex3@aol.com
AiM : ov3rat3d x kiss

Ash.* -- et3rnal_ki5s

email : insearch0fme@aol.com
AiM : undiscov3redx

Jazz.* -- bootsnlace
email: xbootsnlacex@netscape.net
AiM: xbootsnlacex