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Laura <33

-* Name....Laura PatriCia
-* Age....14
-*Sexuality...straight as can b!
-*Future Occupation....either a child pyschologist or a model
-*Drop.....down ho!

-*Bands/Artists.....ashlee simpson, yellowcard, blink-182, simple plan, no doubt, hoobastank, nickelback, three days grace, switchfoot, linkin park, outkast, etc...

-*Movies.....Bruce Almighty, A Little Princess, Anchorman, Along came Polly, Spiderman, Legally Blonde, Finding Nemo, The Ring, 13 ghosts, Uptown Girls, Just Married, Charlies Angels, Head of State, Mrs.Doubtfire, etc... 

-*Actors/Actresses.....Brittney Murphy, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Kirsten Dunst, Toby Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Rock, Camron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, etc...

-*Books....The Lovely Bones, Lucky, The Princess diaries series, A little princess.

-*T.V Shows....i dont have favorite t.v. shows..i just channel flip nd wats on i watch!

-*, chinese, gorditas, candy, chocolate

-*Color....purple, blue, nd pink

-*Sport/Interest.....swimming nd my interest is singing


-*Abortion....i think abortion is matter how you put it, it is MURDER, of course rape can happen, and i know you wouldnt want to see the child of someone that raped you, but there is always adoption, and why would anyone want to kill a helpless baby that isnt even born yet!

-*Religion.....i am a i think religon is important in someone's life, if you dont belive in God it doesn't make you a bad person...its just how you were brought up in life.

-*Death Penalty......i dont think it is right to kill someone because they killed are just letting them get away from their punishment by killing they should have to serve their time..however long it is!

-*Gay Marriage......i am not against gay people...i think they have a right to love who they want and marry who they want....bush is an asshole for not lettin them get married...nd we r all the same..we cant help who we are attracted to.

-*Suicide.....o gosh..i dont know what to say...well i think people shouldnt just commit suicide because they cant deal with their life or the problems in their isnt made of roses! nd depressed or not we all go thru the same things....also i think people should try to work out their problems in their life instead of killing thenselves.

-*Eating Disorders.....i think the world is effed up for making fun of people just because of what size they are! the same thing as my suicide answer...instead of starving urself or what not..get help! go to the doctor and find a good diet or eating plan that would help you.

-*Self Injury....i understand this because when people get upset they turn to self injury to get thru their problems...and whatevr helps you when ur upset then it shouldnt matter.


-*Descirbe yourself in a few words....nice, funny, sweet, helpful, slow

-*What do you look for in a friend....a person i can look up to and trust..also someone that would accept me how i was.

-*Dreams you be able to help underprivleged children...and to someday become a model.


-*Anything random about yourself you want to add ?....ummm nope!

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